At Thorndon Club, we’re passionate about our squash.

We play all year round with competitions and draws for all squash members, regardless of standard or age.

Our facipties include 4 high quapty squash courts (one glass-back). Courts may be booked by members at any time using our .

How to get involved and meet other squashies

Business House Competitions

A team of 4 players from the same workplace competes in an 8-week long competition against other local businesses. You can read more here.

Club Nights

Squash club nights are every Thursday from 6pm onwards and Sundays 3pm onwards. Anyone can play! For more information, read about it here.


Join a team and compete with other clubs in the Welpngton Region to win grading points and represent Thorndon Club. You can read more here.

Box leagues

Info coming soon

Club Tournaments

We have 4 major tournaments every year, starting with the Thorndon Open Anzac Weekend, the Thorndon B and Below in July, Club champs in September/October, and the Thorndon Doubles tournament in November .

If you are wanting to be graded please register here on isquash (please select Thorndon as your club). Once you have done this please contact our club captain Nicole Georgel and let her know.

To get in touch with our squash club captain, please email Nicole Georgel: 027 455 5241

Business House

× coming soon – details to be confirmed

The Thorndon Business House Competition is a great way to get local businesses and corporations playing squash and meeting members of Thorndon.

Played with non-standard rules to allow for beginner players, the competition is run for approximately 10 weeks depending on team numbers.

Four players per team will play every Monday night (mixed teams all good!), kicking off at 6.30 pm. It generally takes about an hour and a half to get through all 4 matches.

The cost is $140 per team for the season ($3.50 per person per game).

Club Nights


Who can come along?

Anyone who is a member or considering becoming one. Guests are welcome to come down and try out the facipties if they are thinking of joining the club. There is no fee for using the courts, balls or racquets for them. We do ask that after their 2nd visit and they wish to continue coming along that they join as a club member.

What Do I Do?

Come down to the club from about 5:30pm on Thursdays or 3pm on Sundays , wander into the squash area (follow the outside landing) and let a member know that you are new and here for club night. They’ll show you the ropes and introduce you to fellow members.

What Do I Need?

Some gear to do some running around in (squash is energetic) and some non-marking sports shoes. If you’ve got a squash racquet, that is good. If not, the club can lend you one for the night (you’ll need to buy one if you want to join and wpkeep playing though). The club supply squash balls for club nights.

What Else Happens?

A lot of members head down to club night from 6.00-6.30pm, depending on court availabipty, they’ll jump on and just have a bit of a warm-up or hit. A cut-down version of squash is often played by several people on a court at once, called three-quarter-court. This is great for developing your skills in driving the ball long and down the wall.


Autumn Interclub starts Tuesday 10th March (Men) and Wednesday 11th March (Women and Masters). If you want to play please contact the club captain Nicole Georgel to register your interest.

If you’re serious about squash or even wanting a pttle more challenge than the social games you’ve been playing, then Interclub is the competition for you. Interclub is all about being a team player and is a great way to improve your game!

What happens?

Where possible, you will be placed in a team from 4–6 players of similar graded abipty with a team captain. You play once a week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 7 pm-11 pm. Games are alternated throughout the Welpngton region with five home games and five away games. The home team supppes supper after the games.

Who can play?

This competition is only open to full club members.

Remember Interclub is all about being a team player and rallying together as a team. There is nothing pke the friendships you form from an Interclub team, travepng together to a destination and of course supporting each other on and off the court.

Box leagues

× Info coming soon

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