At Thorndon, we love our tennis!

We cater for all ages and levels of players, and our members include ex-Davis Cup players and NZ champions as well as first-time beginners!

Our facilities include 2 astro courts, 1 hard court and 2 grass courts, perfect for Boris Becker style dive volleys! Courts may be booked at anytime using our online booking system.

Whether you’re a serious competitor or a social player, Thorndon Club is the place for you! We offer a range of tennis activities.

How to get involved

  • Interclub: Teams in the Tecnifibre and premier interclub competitions for those looking for competitive tennis. Read more.
  • Club day sessions: Running on Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays for club members and prospective members for social play. Read more.
  • Business house competitions: open to the general public (get a team together with your workmates).
  • Coaching: for those wanting to improve their game. Read more.
  • Tournaments: such as the annual club championships


If you’re serious about tennis or even wanting a little more challenge than the social games you’ve been playing – then Interclub is the competition for you. Interclub is all about being a team player, and is a great way to improve your game!

What happens?

Where possible, you will be placed in a team from four to eight players of similarly graded ability and with a team captain. You play once a week on Saturday, 8:30-12 noon for Tecnifibre teams and 1-5pm for premier teams. Games are throughout the Wellington region. Most teams train together on Tuesday nights.

Who can play?

This competition is only open to full club members.

New Member and want to play Interclub?

Register your interest by contacting the tennis club captain.

Celeste Valera – Tennis Club Captain

Remember Interclub is all about being a team player and rallying together as a team. There is nothing like the friendships you form from an Interclub team, travelling together to a destination and of course supporting each other on and off the court.

Club Days

All members and new visitors are welcome! The Thorndon Club day runs three days every week:

  • Saturday afternoons from 2 pm until 6 pm
  • Sunday afternoons from 2 pm until 6 pm
  • Wednesday evenings from 5.30 pm until about 7.30 pm

What happens on club day?

Club days are friendly tennis matches which are coordinated by a volunteer club member on each club day. All people that turn up to play will be matched with three other players to play doubles matches. People play one set and then change over so that they play with different people during an afternoon. This is a great way to get to know people so it is fine to come down on your own. The volunteer on duty will welcome you and organise games for you to play.

An afternoon tea is served on Saturdays and the bar is open on Wednesdays from 5.30 pm and Saturdays from 4.30 pm. It is a friendly social tennis event and we welcome new people joining us.

How many courts do we have?

We use one hard court, two astro courts and two grass courts. There is also an extra court we have access to on very busy days. There is usually a little wait between games whilst other games finish. Some Saturdays there is an interclub game which reduces the number of courts available for club day, but we give people good warning of this. This means that we can have up to 30 people during a club day and everyone gets several games.

What if I’m not a member?

You can come and give it a try for two club days to see if it suits you before deciding whether to join the club. Come and give it a go.

What if I’m just a beginner at Tennis?

If you are a complete beginner club day can be challenging because you will be matched up with players with a wide range of skills. However, this can be useful to see how your skills match up. We want to encourage and welcome new members and will try and assist. There is coaching at the club, and people often find that with some lessons and practice they are quickly able to join in fully.

If you have any questions, please just email our club manager, Brad Watts:


Evolve Tennis Coaching are our in-house coaching experts.

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